Woodford Theatre is located inside the Falling Springs Recreation Center in Versailles, KY.  Since our curtain rose 31 years ago, we have prided ourselves on providing our patrons with top quality shows and events.

How do we generate income?
73% comes from tickets sales and programming

27% comes from fundraising and grants
Woodford Theatre regularly fills its seats, and has a higher rate (85%) than the national average.

Where does our audience live?
49% live in Fayette County
26% live in Woodford County
25% live in Franklin County and surrounding communities

Did you know?
56% of those with an interest in the arts say they would “almost always” or “frequently” buy from a company sponsoring arts or cultural events over one that does not.

Even more revealing is that almost one-half (48%) of Americans with an interest in the arts indicated they hold a “higher” trust in companies that sponsor cultural events.
(Performance Research Study 2013)