Based on the novel by DANIEL WALLACE and the Columbia Motion Picture written by JOHN AUGUST
Director: Vanessa Becker Weig
Music Direction: Alyssa Sturgill and Clifton Grimm
Choreographer: Jordan Guffey

Saturday July 29 & Sunday July 30 1:00-4:00 pm at Woodford Theatre. Please only attend one audition date and plan to stay the entire time.
Callbacks: Sunday, July 30 5:00-8:00 pm
Rehearsals will begin August 8
Performances are scheduled for October 6-8, 13-17, and 19-23
You do not need to prepare anything for your audition ahead of time. We will sing from the score, read from the script, and do a dance combination. If you have tap shoes, bring them for the dance combination. If you do not have them, tennis shoes are fine.
Please bring a photo and resume if you have one. Be prepared to list your conflicts. Please email to sign up for a Saturday or Sunday audition.

BIG FISH: A Musical of Mythical Proportions. Rollicking fantasy set in the American South. Centers on the charismatic Edward Bloom, whose impossible stories of his life’s epic adventures frustrate his son Will. Now, with Edward on his deathbed, Will must embark on his own journey to find out who his father really is, unraveling the man from the myth, the truth from the tall tales.
The novel was first published in 1998. Tim Burton directed the 2003 film starring Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange and Helena Bonham Carter.

Roles available for adults and youth!

Click here for descriptions on the Big Fish Roles




An original Script written by Merri Biechler
From Charles Dickens’ Classic Tale
Director: Trish Clark
Stage Manager: Alberta Labrillazo
Assistant Director: Emma Becker
Set Designer: Todd Pickett
Lighting Designer: Clifton Grimm
Costumes: Robin Dickerson, Darlene Drayer

Saturday, August 26, noon until 3:00PM (We would LOVE to see everyone auditioning on this date if possible!) Sunday August 27, 1:00PM until 4:00PM at Woodford Theatre. (Will be for anyone who cannot make Saturday auditions and CALLBACKS from Saturday.)

Individual auditions may be set up for those with conflicts with this weekend.  Contact to schedule an appointment at 859-873-0648 during the hours of 11AM – 3PM workdays.

You need only to attend one audition date.  Please attempt to come at the beginning time in order to see groups of ages read together.

Cold readings only – If you would like to read the script, you are welcome to call 850-873-0648 to set up a time to come into the theatre and read the script here or pay $10 deposit to take a script home for 24 hours.

Rehearsals begin the second week of October.  One “Read Thru” in early September.

Please bring a photo and resume if you have one.  Be prepared to list any foreseen conflicts.  The Christmas season is very hectic and we can’t afford conflicts once the casting is set and the ensemble knows the rehearsal schedule. The show relies heavily on the full ensemble. Please email to sign up for a Saturday or Sunday audition.

This original script, taken from the Charles Dickens story, is set somewhere in Appalachia in 1907 Ebenezer Scrooge owns the local coalmine and Bob Cratchit helps organize the mineworkers.  Spinning the traditional ghost story and tale of redemption, An Appalachian Christmas Carol honors Appalachia’s rich coal mining and labor union heritage, while simultaneously celebrating the spirit of the season. This is a joyful story of redemption, rooted in rural storytelling and intertwined with regional traditional music as we celebrate local musicians playing live onstage before curtain and during the show.  It is not a musical.

20+ actors total with 7+ roles for women, 7+ roles for men.  Also, 6+ roles for young artists! Specific casting: one elementary – middle school actress and one high school male actor who plays the fiddle. Tiny Tim role – 6-8 years old.

Click here for An Appalachian Christmas Carol character breakdown