The Girl Project (TGP) is an arts-meets-activism program designed to inspire, educate, and empower high school aged students who identify as girls or feminine to challenge the misrepresentation of girls and women in American media culture through performing arts education. Participants work with female and male artists in theatre, dance, spoken word, and movement workshops, and create a final theatrical performance written and performed by the students participating in The Girl Project 2019.

The Girl Project has three components: the aforementioned TGP summer program which started it all, The Girl Project: Next Generation, and Voices HEaRd Kentucky. The Girl Project: Next Generation (GPNG) mentoring program fosters participants’ commitment to social activism by engaging them as mentors to middle school-aged girls in Central Kentucky. This program uses a cross-age peer mentoring model that allows mentors to “learn by teaching” as they design and lead workshops based on their experiences  that unleash their creativity, thoughts, opinions, and feelings about contemporary girlhood. As in The Girl Project for high school-aged girls, the mentoring workshops focus on an uplifting sisterhood among the mentees and relationships between mentors and mentees as well as guiding mentees toward the development of a final performance for their female classmates and families. Voices HEaRd is a weekend-long artistic festival that brings together performing and visual artists to raise their voices against the many challenges girls and women of all ages and experiences face. The vision of Voices HEaRd is to bring the community together through art to empower, educate, and celebrate the female voice in Kentucky.

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