The Woodford Theatre Capital Campaign is a vital five year fundraising endeavor that seeks to update critical systems, refresh our theatre, create more space for classes, improve the quality of programming, and provide a safer and more efficient workspace.

The Woodford Theatre Capital Campaign goal is $300,000.

Did You Know?

  • Woodford Theatre reaches more than 14,000 individuals every year from more than 56 counties across the Commonwealth.
  • The average Woodford Theatre patron places the value of the arts to Central Kentucky at 4.8 out of 5.
  • Woodford Theatre provides educational services to over 150 students from seven counties.
  • Over 600 students see Woodford Theatre shows at no cost to the student every year!
  • Woodford Theatre’s annual expenses are over $500,000 to produce a full season and all educational offerings, much of which is financed by grants, sponsors, and generous individual contributions.

To donate to the Capital Campaign, click here.