Support Woodford Theatre in the 2017 GoodGiving Challenge!

From November 28 – December 31, thousands of area residents are going to show their support for their favorite nonprofit during the GoodGiving Challenge. During that time, every donation and donor we get will go further to help us claim our share in thousands of dollars in prize money. If you are unable to donate, your voice is just as important to the cause!

Here’s how you can help:
1. Mark November 28-December 31 on your calendar and add this link:

2. Follow us on Facebook (Woodford Theatre), Twitter (@woodfordtheatre), and Instagram (@woodford_theatre).

3. Spread the word! Let your friends and family know why you believe in our work! Share our #goodgivingchallenge posts to help generate buzz and forward our emails.

If you haven’t made your 2017-2018 Annual Fund donation, now (November 28-December 31) is the time to do it! Watch your dollar go further!

Upcoming Challenges:

Challenge #1: Wednesday, December 27- Evalyn and Lilla Barnwell Fund and BGCF $5000 Match Challenge Day! $5,000 match pool available first come, first matched on all gifts up to $500. 10 cents on the dollar. It will begin at 8 am and run until it is exhausted. Donors do not have to be UNIQUE (i.e. donors can be new or existing).

Challenge #2- Thursday, December 28 – The $5000 Unique and Sweet Challenge! The FIVE nonprofits with the most NEW UNIQUE donors between 8am and 6pm will receive $1000 dollars each added to their cash totals. Again, what qualifies as a UNIQUE donor? A donor is considered “unique” when they donate to you for the first time. Any additional donations they make to you are no longer “unique”. Previous unique donors will not be counted.

Challenge #3 – Friday, December 29- The $5000 Race to the Finish Challenge! The FIVE nonprofits that raise the most money between 8 am and 6 pm will get $1000 added to their cash totals ( donors do not need to be NEW/UNIQUE and there is no limit on what they can donate).

All GoodGiving donations go to our 2017-2018 Annual Fund, therefore all donors will be listed as Annual Fund donors in the remainder of the 2017-2018 Playbill!

Don’t forget! To qualify for a tax deduction in the current calendar year, donors must make their yearly giving decisions by December 31st. If you choose to participate in the year-end charitable giving season, then we encourage you to take the time to ensure that your donations are doing the most good for the causes you care about. Woodford Theatre supports more than 16,000 individuals across the Bluegrass Region and provides local and regional communities with quality theatre and education. Please consider donating to Woodford Theatre before December 31 through the GoodGiving Challenge at: